Are You Making These
3 Deadly Mistakes
With Your AR-15 Rifle?

WARNING: These mistakes can get you or your family killed during a crisis situation...

Dear friend,

Did you know that buying the wrong accessories for your AR-15 – even if they look "tactical" may not only be a waste of money... but might even be dangerous?

Did you know there's one vital mistake – that's easily corrected - that can cause your AR-15 to malfunction in a life and death situation?

(Unless you have extensive tactical training, you probably make this mistake more than once every time you go to the range).

Did you also know that 99 out of 100 gun owners don't understand the #1 secret to quickly reloading their rifle in an emergency?

The fact is, these are just a few of the dozens of mistakes that people make with the AR-15 ...

In just a moment, I want to give you the solution to these common mistakes …

Plus, share with you exactly how to master your rifle so you'll be prepared to defend yourself and your family during a crisis situation.

In other words, if you own an AR-15, AK-47, or any other tactical rifle (or you're even thinking about getting one) ... this will be the most important message you ever read ...

That's because …

Any Of These Mistakes Can Get You
Or Your Family Killed!

Let me tell you a quick story (which may very well save your life one day) ...

You see, not long ago, I discovered the world of AR-15's...

Now, don't get me wrong – I grew up around guns.

I used to go plinking all the time with my family and even went on a few hunting trips.

The thing is, even though I knew all about AR-15's and my buddies had them, I just never got one myself.

Then, with all the anti-gun politics of the past few years – I became desperate to get one before it was too late...

To make a long story short: I ended up building my own AR-15 and I was instantly hooked...

And yes, I felt empowered the first time I held an AR-15 up to my shoulder... I thought it was going to be a GREAT self-defense firearm to protect my family during a crisis situation.

It was light... high-capacity... and easy to maneuver... so I figured I was all set.

Boy, was I wrong…

A Chance Meeting With An Ex-CIA Officer
Showed Me Just How Unprepared I Was!

One day, completely by accident, I met a man that would change my life.

You've heard the saying "you know just enough to be dangerous" right?

Well, after meeting this man – I realized that was completely true in my case!

Who is this mystery man?

His name is Jason Hanson.

Jason is a former CIA Officer.

He is also the author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry, and he's a contributing writer to Combat Handguns Magazine, Black Guns Magazine, and Personal and Home Defense Magazine.

But nowadays, Jason doesn't work for the Agency– instead he teaches men and women how to protect themselves and their families through his company Concealed Carry Academy ...

To make a long story short: Jason is an expert at using the Tactical Rifle (particularly the AR-15) for self-defense.

Recently, he finished the construction of a private training compound on 320 acres in Southern Utah.

There he runs Concealed Carry Courses, Defensive Handgun Courses, Spy Escape & Evasion Courses... and most important to you and I... Defensive Rifle Courses.

(But hold on just a minute, because this is NOT about Jason's Defensive Rifle Courses.)

You see, in just a few minutes after meeting Jason I quickly discovered ...

I was doing almost everything WRONG when it came to handling my rifle ... from my grip, to where I put my hands, even to how much pressure I was using while holding the gun…

(Jason revealed how these mistakes – which he corrected in just minutes – could put me at a huge disadvantage in a real crisis!)

Why I knew next to NOTHING about how to actually train with my rifle and the best shooting drills for protecting my family.

I admit it: I had some pretty crazy ideas about how I was going to have a long-range shootout with bad guys and save the day like Rambo.

For example: Jason showed me special drills to practice at 25 yards or closer – which is where most rifle encounters take place for both civilians and police.

You see, Jason knows secrets like these because he learned his skills in the real world – not from a bunch of articles he read on the Internet and not because he thinks he's a know-it-all tough guy.

I was making a BIG mistake when I aimed my rifle – not knowing this was murdering my accuracy and consistency ... again Jason showed me how to fix this inside of an hour (potentially saving me YEARS of target practice time at the range!)

Jason showed me why the "fancy" moves I picked up off of YouTube about how to "run" my AR-15 – making ready, reloading, and clearing jams – were way too flashy to actually work in a life-and-death situation...

In short, Jason quickly explained the biggest mistakes I was making and how to fix them.

Now, here's the thing: Up until now, Jason has never shared these Tactical Rifle Secrets with anyone outside of his exclusive live training Defensive Rifle Courses.

The Defensive Rifle Course is a private class that Jason only teaches a few times per year to select groups.

And the price to attend is $800. But even at that price, the people who attend this class consider it a bargain...

In fact, people have traveled from all over the country – driving or flying 1000's of miles -- to see Jason and take his training ...

But after a few conversations with him, I convinced Jason that these were secrets that EVERYONE who owns an AR-15 needs to know...

And that some people just couldn't spare time off work, or the expense of taking a live training class...

In short, after convincing him of the desperate NEED for this type of high-level self-defense information, Jason agreed and we worked in unison to develop what we call The Urban Rifle Survival Set... and in my opinion, this is life-saving information you can't afford not to know...

Let me give you just a small sample (including a short video) of what The Urban Rifle Survival Set is all about…

How to use the rifle to
defend your family

The first thing you get as part of The Urban Rifle Survival Set is a 2-disc DVD called Rifle Survival Secrets.

Put simply, in Volume I and Volume II of Rifle Survival Secrets you'll discover…

• The 3 most important accessories you need for your rifle (and which ones are a waste of money and could even be dangerous)

• The #1 secret to becoming an accurate rifleman

• How to easily transition from your rifle to your handgun (You'll see simple drills you can do at your local range)

• Step-by-step instructions on how to easily zero your rifle

• How to move and shoot and still be deadly accurate with your rifle (You'll see how to engage threats while moving forwards, backwards and laterally)

• How offset works and why you must know this before you fire a single shot from your rifle

Life-saving malfunction drills with your rifle and how to clear malfunctions one handed

• Emergency reload secrets (and the single most important thing you should do when reloading your rifle)

• How to engage a threat from the kneeling position, prone, rollover prone, sitting position and more…

• Why the "Partially Covered Target Drill" could save your life when the grid goes down (You'll see me demonstrate this drill, which you can easily replicate for less than a dollar)

• How to do the ball and dummy drill to improve your rifle accuracy

• How to fly with your rifle and the best cases to use (I show you my two different rifle cases and when to use each)

• The multiple target Mozambique Drill

• Survival driving secrets when carrying the rifle in your car

How to shoot from your vehicle using a rifle (You'll see how to shoot from the passenger side and you'll also see the "Whale Gunner" drill out the back of the vehicle)

• And much, much more…

In fact, here's a short preview of what you'll get in Volume I and Volume II of Rifle Survival Secrets.

But this is just the beginning of everything you get in the The Urban Rifle Survival Set.

Defending Your Home When
the Grid Goes Down

In addition to Volume I and Volume II of Rifle Survival Secrets, you'll also get Defending Your Home When the Grid Goes Down.

The truth is, this DVD is the first time Jason has EVER shared these "high-level" home defense secrets with the general public… because they're certainly not right for everyone.

But if you want your home to be fortress-like, here's what you'll see in Defending Your Home When the Grid Goes Down

• How to make a spike strip for less than $20 to prevent looters from coming down your driveway and destroying your home

• The 3 critical rifles that should be a part of every American's rifle arsenal

• The $15 device that will immediately alert you if someone tries to enter your home

• The secret of making a perimeter alarm to secure your property from roving mobs (I reveal two different perimeter alarms, including one so loud it can be heard from miles away)

• How to make an inexpensive, bulletproof safe room in your house

• How to easily cache your handguns and rifles so nobody but you can find them (Plus, the special bag to use so your guns never rust)

• The cheapest and best place to get food storage (This is the exact way I built up a year's supply of food for my own family)

• The two survival kits you should have in the back of your car in case you ever have to bug-out in your vehicle

• The myth of using plywood to defend your home (You'll be amazed at the plywood test done in the DVD)

• The single most important medical item to have in your home during a crisis

• And much more…

In addition to Defending Your Home When the Grid Goes Down, there's even more included with the Urban Rifle Survival Set.

Rifle Cleaning Clinic

We've also included a DVD called the Rifle Cleaning Clinic.

This DVD shows you step-by-step how to clean the most important survival rifles everyone ought to own.

After all, if you have a dirty rifle that malfunctions often, it won't do you much good in a life or death situation.

That's why the Rifle Cleaning Clinic covers…

• How to choose the best rifle cleaning kit

• Step-by-step instruction on disassembling and reassembling the AR-15

• A simple tool that allows you to clean your rifle magazines in seconds

• How to quickly clean the Ruger 10/22

• The biggest mistake people make when cleaning their AR-15 and how to avoid it

• The best cleaning solution for the barrel of your rifle

• A special cleaning kit that's a must have for anyone that owns a .22 rifle

• How to properly oil an AR-15 (and the oil I recommend)

• And more…

As you can see ... the Urban Rifle Survival Set includes Rifle Survival Secrets Volume I and Volume IIDefending Your Home When the Grid Goes Down… and the Rifle Cleaning Clinic.

Combined, these 4 DVDs reveal secrets that most Americans will never know when it comes to using the rifle to defend yourself in a time of crisis.

So how can you get The Urban Rifle Survival Set today?

How to access these rifle
survival secrets

Well… in the past, the only way to get these rifle secrets was to take Jason's Defensive Rifle course and his Advanced Defensive Rifle course.

Each course costs $800 per day.

That would mean you'd invest at least $1,600 to learn these secrets if you went to Jason's live courses (and that's not including the time off work you'd have to take ... the travel expense of flying or driving ... food, and lodging for yourself – all that could easily be another thousand dollars or more.)

I realize that may sound like a lot of money to invest in training, but here's what a few folks who've attended these rifle courses have to say…

"Jason, I believe the Defensive Rifle course provided an excellent foundation for safely handling and effectively employing a rifle… your instruction was outstanding! I greatly increased my competency and confidence in using the rifle in a self-defense role. Well done!" ~Gerry Kennedy, Ashburn, VA

"Concealed Carry Academy's Defensive Rifle Course was excellent. Instruction started with familiarization and quick expert tips not taught elsewhere; then we progressed to shooting drills. The exercises were excellent forcing the student to not only think, but to react quickly to different threat scenarios. ~Henry Bashford, Centreville, VA

Right now, you can get the same secrets as the folks who've taken these Defensive Rifle courses without paying anywhere close to $800 a piece...

Why You Can Claim an
85% Discount Today...

Instead, you can get The Urban Rifle Survival Set for over 85% OFF what others have paid to attend Jason's rifle courses to get these survival secrets.

In other words, you can get The Urban Rifle Survival Set for only $97.

Plus, to make this special opportunity even better – you'll get FREE shipping!

Keep in mind, this is the lowest price we've ever offered for The Urban Rifle Survival Set.

In fact, the only reason we're offering this low price is because of what's going on in the U.S. right now and because Jason and I can't sit back and watch innocent Americans be sitting ducks.

We know there are literally MILLIONS of AR-15 owners in the United States (it is the most popular rifle in America) ... and we want to get this elite training into the hands of as many people as humanly possible.

But remember, because this is an introductory offer, you can only take advantage of this special offer for the next few days.

At an 85% discount... not bad right?

Well, here's something even better...

***Free Bonus DVD***

When you check out The Urban Rifle Survival Set you'll also get a special bonus DVD called, How to Train With the Ultimate Survival Gun.

How to Train With the Ultimate Survival Gun reveals…

One of the best guns to have in a survival situation and the two life-saving accessories you absolutely must have on this gun

(WARNING: it's NOT an AR-15 and probably NOT what you think!)

• The best training targets to use, including steel targets, paper targets, the orange self-healing targets, pepper popper targets (and different drills you can do using each target)

• Why the "Front Porch Drill" could save your life in a grid-down situation

• The secret of defeating multiple attackers (and the tactics of doing this safely so you don't harm any innocent bystanders)

• Why balloons are some of the most important training aids of all (and the single best drill to do with them)

• And more…

And to give you even MORE survival and safety secrets…

When you claim your copy of The Urban Rifle Survival Set today, you'll also get a second free bonus...

*** FREE Rifle Survival Manual ***

The second free bonus you're going to get is The Rifle Survival Tactics Manual.

This no-nonsense manual covers everything you need to know to use the rifle to protect yourself.

For instance, you'll see pictures of every rifle shooting position… you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to quickly zero your rifle… and you'll get a list of all of the best shooting drills to practice.

What's more, The Rifle Survival Tactics Manual comes with the targets Jason personally uses when training with his rifle, including…

• The Shapes & Numbers target
• The Bull's-eye target
• The Mozambique target
• The 3 Circles target
• The Dot Drill target

The fact is, the next time you head to your local range you can bring this manual with you as a step-by-step guide when doing drills, zeroing your rifle, and much more.

Now, here's quite possibly the BEST part of all...


You Now Have A Chance To Get Rifle Training Secrets
Most Civilians Will NEVER have access to...

... And Only A Handful Of
Elite Intelligence Agents Have Ever Seen...

Which Means…
You've Got A Decision To Make!

Either you take an unnecessary risk… and bet your life and the life of your family on whatever training you have now. And hope it's enough when you have to defend your family in a real crisis situation...

Or you claim your discount of over 85% OFF and invest just $97 to know for sure you and your family are protected (including a 100% money-back guarantee) regardless of the situation!

You know the decision I made. I'm hoping you'll make the right decision too ...

Here's how to Order: Click on the link below to get The Urban Rifle Survival Set RIGHT NOW.

You can use your credit card— it's fast, safe and 100% secure.

(You will have the chance to review your order before it's final)

For you and your family's personal safety,

Caleb Lee

P.S. Don't forget, for a limited time you can claim over 85% OFF what others have paid to get these rifle secrets.

P.P.S. When you order now you'll get the FREE bonus DVD and FREE Rifle Survival Tactics Manual.

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